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With Natchez being a destination for tourist it promotes events not only in Natchez but also events throughout the surrounding areas.

Fishing tournaments, book signings, antique shows, festivals, fireworks, art exhibits and much more is here for you.

From planning a vacation to preparing a family day trip locals and tourists alike check the area calendar to make the most of their time.
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Featured Events
3/2 Pioneer Day - Historic Jefferson College

3/16 Tribute to Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder - Arcade Theater  Ferriday

3/18 - 4/18 Spring Pilgrimage - Alll around Natchez

3/23 - 3/30 Discussions of Two Great Entertainers - Vidalia Library

3/25 - 3/26
Natchez Powwow - Grand Village of the Natchez Indians

Interested in what events are scheduled throughout the area? Browse large and small events, from Downtown to antique shows and ghost tales.

When is the best time to visit Natchez? Anytime! Check out list of annual events for info on what's going on in Natchez and the surrounding areas.

Thousands of people view our events pages as they plan their trip to Natchez. Use this free service to post your event for whole the world to see!

Prince Among Slaves
Born in 1762 to the King of Timbo (now part of Guinea), Ibrahima was captured by warring tribesmen, sold to slavetraders, and brought to Natchez.
The Bowie Sandbar Duel
In 1827 a famous duel occurred just north of Natchez on a sandbar. As a second in the duel, Jim Bowie found himself in the middle of the ruckus armed with a butcher knife.
Country Music Sensation Maggie Brown
Maggie Brown is one of the new breed and she’s going to make some waves. She’s the complete package; a solid guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter.
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Natchez City Cemetery
2 Cemetery Rd Natchez

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