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Perched on the highest bluff north of the Gulf of Mexico, Natchez is the oldest settlement on the entire Mississippi river – older by two years than New Orleans.

In 1798, she became the first capital of the Mississippi Territory, and the first capital of the state of Mississippi in 1817.

Her vast natural resources have yielded massive fortunes, and coupled with an exceptional quality of life and growing industrial complex, Natchez is known as one of the most desirable small cities in the United States.
Natchez was settled first by the French in 1716, later by the British in 1763, the Spanish in 1779, and finally by the Americans in 1798.

Natchez is one of the most desirable small cities in the United States - proud to be included in Hugh Bayless' book, "The 100 Best Towns in America".

Experience the 444-mile Natchez Trace Parkway - linking Natchez with Nashville, TN - through driving, hiking, biking, horseback riding, and camping.

For centuries, African Americans from Natchez have inspired the world with unique and creative ideas, art, literature, history, cuisine, and courageous action.

The Natchez were among some of the last native American groups to live in the area which is now known as southwestern Mississippi.

Natchez Under-the-Hill was the most dangerous landing on the entire river. Today, Silver Street and Under-The-Hill Saloon are popular tourist attractions.

Grand Homes Of Cotton Kings
You, too, can walk through the palaces of the cotton kings and see — in most homes — the original Italian marble, Irish crystal, French porcelain and English silver.
Last Stand of the Natchez Indians
In desperation, the Natchez surrendered on condition that their lives be spared and that Perrier withdraw his artillery. This proposition was answered by cannon fire.
Judge Poindexter And Editor Marschalk
A judicial system and free press are vital to any society - but what if they collide? There is no better example than the events that took place in Natchez almost 200 years ago.
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Grand Village Of The Natchez Indians
400 Jeff Davis Blvd Natchez
NAPAC Museum
301 Main St Natchez

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