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Life in Natchez is majestic and mysterious, simple yet exciting, punctuated by year-round festivals and celebrations, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

If it's the beautiful outdoors you seek, the natural choice is Natchez. Or, join us for one of the South's favorite pastimes - shopping Natchez style!

And when the day's activities wind down - but you’re not quite ready to - Natchez after dark offers endless fun for all!
Experience the natural beauty of Natchez through camping, hunting, golfing, fishing, hiking, biking, or boating in your choice of several parks.

Natchez is just loaded with family oriented attractions and activities that are sure to be a hit with everyone! Events, recreation, tours, museums, and more.

There is no setting anywhere in the world more beautiful and exciting than Natchez for your wedding, reception, or a special romantic escape.

From fabulous antiques to unique specialty shops - Natchez has a variety of surprises in store for you. Malls, dress shops, jewelry, boutiques, and more!

When the day's activities wind down - but you are not quite ready to, Natchez at night is fun for all! Enjoy a relaxed setting or go cut-a-rug right here in Natchez.

When the girls really need to spend some time away, Natchez is the best way for the group to escape! Browse for exciting things to do and see while you're here!

Vidalia - A City on the Move
Known as "The City on the Move" Vidalia was literally moved a mile west of the Mississippi River in 1937 in order to prevent further flooding of the city.
The Natchez Trace Claims A Legend
There are numerous stories of tragedy along the Natchez Trace, but none more controversial than the 1809 death of Meriwether Lewis.
Saloon An International Landmark
The last true bastion of the most notorious port on the river, Under-The-Hill Saloon is truly a trip back in time to the days of keelboats, James Bowie, and Mike Fink.
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Under-The-Hill Saloon
25 Silver St Natchez
Natchez Little Theatre
319 Linton Ave Natchez

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