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Last Stand of the Natchez Indians
In desperation, the Natchez surrendered on condition that their lives be spared and that Perrier withdraw his artillery. This proposition was answered by cannon fire.

Natchez Indians and European Contact
Archaeological remains indicate that the Grand Village was occupied from around A.D. 1200 until 1730. The mound center served as a ceremonial place.

Mississippi Era (900 – 1541 A.D.)
Indians in many parts of the Mississippi Valley turned to a way of life based on agricultural production of corn, beans, and squash in the centuries after 900 A.D.

Woodland Era (500 - 900 A.D.)
Native Americans began to use the bow and arrow. This was such an effective and efficient weapon that by 500 A.D. it had largely replaced the throwing stick and dart.

Archaic Era (8,000 - 500 B.C.)
Changes in climate brought warmer conditions after 7,900 B.C. Many groups moved into resource-rich river valleys where their populations continued to increase.

Paleo-Indian Era (9,500 - 8,00 B.C.)
Paleo-Indian hunters entered the Mississippi Valley around 9,500 B.C. The climate was cool and moist and mostly covered with northern forests and grasslands.

Origins of the Natchez Trace
After Native Americans first began to settle the land, they began to blaze the trail until it became a relatively well-worn path traversable by horse in single-file.

Grand Village Of The Natchez Indians
A National Historic Landmark, with museum exhibits of artifacts excavated from the site and regular public education events and activities.

The Natchez Indians: A History to 1735
The story of the Natchez Indians as revealed through accounts of Spanish, English, and French explorers, missionaries, soldiers, colonists, and in the archaeological record.

Grand Village Of The Natchez Indians
400 Jeff Davis Blvd Natchez
Natchez City Cemetery
2 Cemetery Rd Natchez

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