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Mount Locust: Historic Inn on the Trace
Mount Locust lay about a day's walk from Natchez, was a popular "stand" on the historic road. For 25 cents, travelers could stop here for a meal and lodging.

A Few Highlights Along The Natchez Trace
The Trace is a meandering two lane roadway popular with RVers, motorcyclists, and cyclists. It is truly a fascinating and relaxing travel experience.

Biking the Natchez Trace Parkway
Whatever your pleasure, be it re-living history, nature-watching, competitive racing, or just relaxed road biking, you'll find it here on the Natchez Trace Parkway.

The Natchez Trace Claims A Legend
There are numerous stories of tragedy along the Natchez Trace, but none more controversial than the 1809 death of Meriwether Lewis.

Jefferson and the Natchez Trace
Conceived and ordered built by President Thomas Jefferson, the Natchez Trace was developed to bind Mississippi to the rest of the country.

Naughty Natchez
From 1785 until about 1820 Under-the-Hill was the departure point for frontiersmen and their last chance to "whoop it up" before their long trek home on the Natchez trace.

Bushwhackers, Bibles, and Boats
The Natchez Trace was the most reliable and expedient way to get goods of the North to trading ports in the South. This attracted preachers, highwaymen, traders, and more.

Origins of the Natchez Trace
After Native Americans first began to settle the land, they began to blaze the trail until it became a relatively well-worn path traversable by horse in single-file.

A Road 67 Years in the Making!
The Natchez Trace Parkway isn’t just any old road. This beautiful 444 mile Scenic Byway is the 7th most visited site in the National Park System.

Natchez Ghost Tours
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