Country Music Sensation Maggie Brown     

There is no doubt that the alt-country revolution has exploded onto the music scene. The success of artists like Lucinda Williams and Patty Griffin has opened up the doors for a new breed of female country artists. Maggie Brown is one of the new breed and she’s going to make some waves. She’s the complete package; a solid guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter. Her debut album is a reminder of just how good country music can be when you strip away all the pop gloss and get back to basics.

Maggie’s husky vocal style is one of the few that leaves one stumped to draw comparisons. At times she will remind you of Lucinda Williams or Kathleen Edwards but neither is really all that accurate. In a world of sound alike singers it’s refreshing to hear an instantly identifiable voice.

“Forty Dollars” opens the album and sets the tone for the rest of the record. It’s an in-your-face recording with Maggie’s huge voice soaring above an energetic band. The roaring “Used Cars” expertly blends a rock attitude with solid country songwriting. A funky acoustic riff drives “I Like It” through many repeat listens. “Wasted” and “Mosquito Net” are wonderfully rocking winners.

The stringed instrument opening on “No Where To Go But Crazy” is so jarringly different from the rest of the album that the delicate ballad stands out even more than it normally would. It’s hard to pull off such a radical style shift but Maggie does it with ease. The haunting “Shame” is further proof that Maggie isn’t just a one trick pony.

Rarely does an artist come along whose sound is so completely realized right from the first track. Maggie Brown has delivered one of the best debut albums I’ve ever heard and sets a high benchmark for other records coming out this year. It’s only January and here is one of the albums which will end up making the short list of “must have” releases of the year. Maggie Brown is the real deal.

Article provided by Women Of Country.

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