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Vidalia - A City on the Move     

In 1798 the Post of Concord (Vidalia) was established by the Spanish Commandant Don Josẻ Vidal and it has been "on the move" ever since. From being moved in 1937 to the present, Vidalia has been progressive in maintaining a high quality of life for its citizens, attracting businesses and preserving history.

Known as "The City on the Move" Vidalia was literally moved a mile west of the Mississippi River in 1937. Being a river-town, Vidalia is located on the banks of the Mississippi just across the river from Natchez, Mississippi. Prior to 1937 Vidalia and all of Concordia Parish were subject to river flooding. To halt this danger the U.S. Corp. of Engineers proposed constructing a levee around the entire parish.

With much of Vidalia being situated on the riverbank the entire town was marked, surveyed and, over a period of many months, relocated one mile to the west. All buildings, fences and streets (minus trees and shrubbery) were exactly where they were before the move, just a mile to the west. Some of the ‘old-timers’ have told some interesting stories concerning their move.

The land between the Mississippi River and the levee lay mostly dormant for years. However, recently Vidalia has begun to develop this attractive riverfront acreage with a conference center, motels, medical complex, an amphitheater, restaurants, an RV park and a river-walk. The lighted river-walk, adjacent to the Mighty Mississippi River, extends for over a mile and it receives many tourist and locals as they walk along the river enjoying the magnificent view.

Vidalia is also home of the Sidney A. Murray, Jr. Hydroelectric Station, the largest prefabricated power plant in the world.

Visit the City of Vidalia's website to learn more.

Some annual events in Vidalia are:

Vittles & Fiddles – Established in 2004 to raise funds for the Vidalia Fire Department to build a training facility to be used by local municipal and volunteer fire departments, this event features food vendors, Bluegrass Music, Gumbo Cooking contest with cash prizes and trophies. For some good clean family fun come to Vidalia in the month of April.
River City Bad Boyz Car Show – If you like old cars from years ago you’ll love this event. Held on the riverfront, contestants display their show-car for the public’s enjoyment and a possible trophy. This event is held in the month of May.
Fourth of July Fireworks – This fireworks exhibit takes place overlooking the Mighty Mississippi. Tons of people gather on the riverfront as they watch the breathtaking spectacle of exploding fireworks reflecting off the Mississippi.
Jim Bowie Festival – This event, which takes place in September, keeps growing and growing. It originated as a reenactment of the famous sandbar duel that made Jim Bowie, and his knife, a legend. A Jim Bowie expert, who has been featured on the History Channel, directs local volunteers as they reenact the sandbar duel.

Vidalia is also the home of:

Bunge Corporation – Taconey Plantation (antebellum home rich in African-American history) – BASF – Fruit of the Loom – Vidalia Apparel – and the Sidney Murray Hydroelectric Station (the largest prefabricated power plant in the world)

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